Services & Pricing

We believe in clear and honest pricing so all of are service and pricing are listed below

Dog Waste Removal

All services remove all waste from property and disposed of off-site. We additionally have multiple schedules to fit your needs.

Weekly: $19.99 per visit

Bi-Weekly: $29.99 per visit

Monthly: $44.99 per visit

Additional Pets: $5.00 each

Lot Size

Are serviceable area included in the base price is 1/4 acre. A $5 fee will be added per 1/4 acre up to 1 acre.

1/4 Acre: Included

1/2 Acre: $5.00

3/4 Acre: $10.00

1 Acre: $15.00

Deodorizing and Disinfectant

We provide yard deodorizing and disinfectant. All chemicals meet PPGSA standards. Hose or spigot will need to be accessible to are team member for service. A $5 fee will be add per 1/4 acre up to 1 acre.

Weekly: $14.99

Bi-Weekly: $19.99

Monthly; $24.99